A large cargo truck rushes between thousands of people protesting on a highway in Minneapolis, USA.

Foreign media, including CBS, on the 31st, reported that a large cargo truck had been delivered to the protest site mourning the death of black man George Floyd the day before.

In the video, protesters are filling the road. But on one side of the road, a large cargo truck suddenly comes at a high speed. People are quickly splitting on both sides and desperately evacuating, while others have avoided accidents with intermittent cars trying to stop the driver. Some time later, when the truck slowed down, the angry people rushing toward the truck all at once.

The protest, involving 6,000 citizens, is said to have been a peaceful way to kneel in protest of racism. The highway on which the protests were closed was closed at 5 PM, and the vehicle was under control. However, the truck appeared around 5:45 PM, and the suspicion of intentionality increased.

It was reported that none of the protesters were injured or killed by the truck, but the truck driver pulled out of the driver's seat suffered minor injuries from hitting people's faces. Police on the scene were arrested on charges of assault after driving a 35-year-old man named Bogdan Bircherco, who was treated at a hospital. 

The reactions of netizens who have encountered the incident are greatly changing. "I'm angry with George Floyd's death, but it takes quite a bit of time to stop such a big truck," he said. Insisted.

On the other hand, the netizen who was at the protest site replied, "As a person who has seen the situation, I am sure that the driver will know that there are people from a distance. The truck has accelerated as it approaches. It was the most fearful incident I have ever experienced."

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