'Surprise' fireworks were held all over Japan without telling the time and place. 

On the 1st of the local time, foreigners such as the Mainichi Newspaper on the 1st of Japan reported that an event called'Struggle Hanabi (Fireworks)' was held.

Firecrackers lit up the sky briefly for 5 minutes from 8 a.m. on the night of the 1st. Considering the Corona19 situation, everything was done in secret to prevent people from gathering, and the event time was set accordingly.

The people who organized the event were a hundred of firecracker manufacturers all over Japan. They used elaborate firecrackers to support the society that had changed too much with Corona19 and increase the morale of the people. 

"Historically, the Japanese fireworks festival served to eradicate the epidemic and comfort the souls of the dead," said one of the related parties, Kohei Ogatsu. 
In addition, Mr. Ogatsu also confessed his tough stomach. "A lot of traditional festivals were canceled or postponed because of Corona 19, making it difficult to maintain business," he said. "The Tokyo Olympics that was scheduled to be held in 2020 is also a big hit."

He said, "We fired about 100 firecrackers from four locations in eastern Japan. The fireworks will not kill the virus, but I hope this will do something good."

According to the local media, there were not many crowds watching firecrackers thanks to the fact that it was carried out in secret, but it was reported that people suddenly got confused and stressed and suddenly announced.

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(Photo = Mainichi newspaper website capture,'Cheer up! 花火' Facebook)