Despite the government's efforts to improve inter-Korean relations, North Korea's inter-Korean relations are stalled, and North Korea has published articles that reveal its position on inter-Korean relations through foreign propaganda. The media called'Seo Kwang' on the 1st and the media between'We Koreans' on the 2nd are not important media such as the labor newspaper and the Chosun Central Communications, but they are meaningful in that they can measure North Korea's thoughts on inter-Korean relations.

'Our people' is the anti-ethnicity of the South Korean (South Korean) authorities who have been smashing (throwing away) the South-North agreements and devoting themselves to following the United States and confronting their own people. In anti-unity acts." It is said that following the United States and confrontation with the same people are the main causes of the inter-Korean deadlock.

In relation to following the United States, the Koreans accused the Korean government of "following the US compulsion to speed up the inter-Korean relations and trying to get the ROK-US working team to approve all matters raised." It was a matter of coordinating the North Korean nuclear issue and the inter-Korean relations issues through the ROK-US Working Group.

Regarding the confrontation with the kin, he claimed that he "concentrated with foreign forces and engaged in foreign war exercises and concentrated on strengthening the force to mass-produce high-tech weapons in the United States." The. It seems to have condemned the small-scale military training between Korea and the United States, our own training, and the introduction of F-35A fighters and global hawks.

The media called'Seo Gwang' questioned the security-related meetings between Korea and Japan. Seogwang said that the Korean government "has been working to prepare a legitimate pretext for political tensions," and discussed the North Korean nuclear and missile threat at the "Korea-US Security Conference" in mid-May, and "the Secretary of Defense of the United States-Korea in June" They condemned that they were going to hold a "Meetings" and a "Korea-US Defense Ministers' Meeting" to discuss "practice verification of the ability to exercise control power before the second half." "The process of improper security simulation with the US and Japan clearly shows that the South Korean (South) government is pursuing a confrontation rather than improving relations with its own people."

“Our people” said to our government, “In the past, criticism and curse are pouring in and out of the double behavior of the South Korean authorities, who look back at their promises and look back at only the wrong things that are contrary to the spirit of the North and South Korean declarations. "It's so worthy."

North Korea now has no intention of talking to South

Korea It is meaningless to determine who is right against North Korea, who has no word after shooting at the GP, but South Korea is trained in South Korea or self-trained by North Korean propaganda media. They shouldn't, nor should they introduce weapons from abroad, nor should they hold security talks with the United States or Japan. We must not do anything to secure our security. Of course, this is not possible.

North Korea is also well aware that the South Korean government cannot do anything such as training in the United States or introducing weapons. Therefore, when they needed it, they responded to the conversation without questioning these things. During the 2018 inter-Korean summit and the North American summit, the large-scale ROK-US training was postponed, but the small-scale ROK-US training continued and the process of introducing advanced weapons continued. Although North Korea knew this, it did not raise any problems because it was because it was a time when dialogue was necessary.

In the end, North Korea's current issue of ROK-US training or the introduction of weapons means that it is not a serious problem in itself, but rather that it has no intention of talking to South Korea now. Since he has no intention of talking to South Korea, he is using a past repertoire that seems to be stuck in the board and shifting the responsibility of deadlock to South Korea. Under the UN sanctions, there seems to be a limit to what South Korea can do to North Korea, and it seems that the North American dialogue seems difficult until the end of the US presidential election.

● What is North Korea based on Silli?

In the Kim Jong-un era, North Korea is showing a tangible characteristic of taking foreign relations based on profit. If you think your partner is in the United States, China, or Korea, it will benefit you, and you will seek to improve your relationship as if you had criticized it before. Through the improvement of inter-Korean relations in the phase of the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics, the summit of the North American summit and the improvement of relations with South Korea and the United States, the restoration of relations between North Korea and China that have long been desired demonstrates North Korea's utilitarian diplomacy. On the other hand, if the profits of improving the relationship are exhausted, they may be as cold as when.

Although the South Korean government emphasizes the will to improve inter-Korean relations, it seems that inter-Korean relations are not particularly considered for North Korea. Because, as mentioned earlier, there is not much to gain from South Korea. If the Democratic candidate Biden is elected in the U.S. presidential election this year, the need to establish a new relationship with North Korea may come back to South Korea. South Korea's help will be needed to reach the new administration of the United States.

North Korea treats South Korea from the point of view of pragmatism, and we think about whether our government is too obsessed with the proposition of improving inter-Korean relations. It may be urgent to improve the inter-Korean relations quickly to persuade North Korea's denuclearization and establish a peace regime on the Korean Peninsula, but it does not solve the problem. If you apply a policy based on ideals and justifications to opponents who are thoroughly based on silli, it is difficult to achieve the desired results. The government also needs to adjust its strengths based on a more realistic theory, sometimes showing an attitude that does not seem to be obsessed with inter-Korean relations.