The 28-year-old Ecuadorian man arrested for trying to kill a Dominican in Fuenlabrada last Monday, May 22, published a video minutes before the attack announcing his murderous purpose. "One has to die today," the alleged murderer inside a car with three other people was recorded with a threatening tone on his mobile phone . In those images, to which EL MUNDO has had access, they are on their way to the house of the Dominican whom he stabbed moments later up to 11 times for a supposed affront to love.

In the images that were filmed, the arrested person is seen boasting boldly in a car about his imminent violent action. « For my mother, one has to die today. Dog, hide because we got to you », shouts the man harangued by other people in the back of the car and presumably drunk. In the sequence he even makes a hand gesture that could link him to the Latin band of the Latin King. Specifically, he puts the five fingers of the hand as if it were a crown, a gesture that only those who belong to the hard core of this Latin band dare to record.

In the second part of the video, the alleged murderer is filmed with a pellet gun . He himself comments, "Hey, toad, this is yours," as he pulls the trigger. The tampered weapon has been known after it was allegedly taken from the victim.

This man who records the video was arrested by the National Police accused of giving up to 11 stab wounds to the Dominican citizen who lived on Malaga street in Fuenlabrada in a flat owned by a compatriot and who has several police records for drug trafficking. The 31-year-old wounded man survived the attack and was transferred to the Rey Juan Carlos de Móstoles Hospital, where he remains hospitalized.

The videos recorded by those involved in the fight were decisive for the agents' investigation, as well as the testimony of witnesses and friends of the participants. The police also obtained other audios recorded by the detainee where he boasted of what he had just done and gave names of those who joined the attack.

Hours later the agents of the Judicial Police group of the Fuenlabrada police station arrested the alleged perpetrator of the stabbings, who presumes the nickname of Tupac, as the rapper who in 1996 died shot in Las Vegas. In addition to this arrest, the agents arrested three other people : a 38-year-old Peruvian, a 28-year-old Bolivian and a 32-year-old Ecuadorian. Two of them were also slightly injured and are friends of the victim.

Loving affront

Initially, it was reported that the reason for the fight was a possible dumping of drugs, that is, that the detainees went to the house to steal some amount of narcotics. But subsequent inquiries have discarded this theory and are inclined to the hypothesis that there was a quarrel between the two for a woman. Despite the gestures made in the video by the alleged murderer who could link him to a Latino gang, the agents also rule out that the trigger for the brawl is a conflict between rival groups.

The attempted murder occurred at 5.45 am on Monday, May 22, at number 18 Calle Málaga, in the center of Fuenlabrada.

Under the police reconstruction, the alleged murderer and his cronies were drinking all night and then went to the victim's house. Inside the house a fight broke out between two groups, between six and 10 people. The fight ended with the stabbing of the 28-year-old man of Dominican origin. The attacking group then fled in a car at high speed, while their two friends helped them and called 112.

Summa toilets came to the area, who verified that a man was present on the public thoroughfare with six incised puncture wounds, two of them in the thorax, with abundant loss of blood and lung involvement, according to Emergencies Community of Madrid 112.

The doctors stabilized him and transferred him to the Rey Juan Carlos de Móstoles Hospital, where he entered a serious condition. At the medical center it was discovered that he had up to 11 stab wounds.

From the first moment it was known that the violent encounter was not accidental by being at dawn and with so many people involved in the brawl . The neighbors also indicated that same day that the house was squatted, but later it was found that the victim was a friend of the owner of the property who had returned to his country. All in all, the residents confirmed that the building was a focus of conflicts due to the meetings and parties that various Dominicans called.

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