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A protest rally against white American police officers killing a black man'George Floyd' is becoming more intense, and a 30-year-old rally filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA, has become a hot topic. . Curtis Hayes, a 31-year-old rally, was having an argument with another 45-year-old rally. Participants at the 45-year-old rally advocated a radical protest that said, "You must be prepared to die and stand up," but Curtis continued the conversation by holding the shoulders of a 16-year-old boy at the rally.

Curtis shouted to the boy, "This dangerous path is the way you shouldn't go," and then said, "Please, find a better way! Do not do it with other generations like us!" Eventually, however, an emergency was declared in the area of ​​Charlotte that day, but Curtis's appearance became a hot topic in the United States, and a hashtag called #THEREISABETTERWAY, which calls for non-violent protests, is spreading on social media.

A social media video mug will be delivered by an appeal from a 30-year-old rally who saw her upper generation and screamed at her next generation.