In Argentina, an elementary school student who cannot go to school with Corona 19 is said to ride 30 km every day to do homework.

What kind of homework is it?

<Oh! Click> The third search term is '30km on horseback every day'.

I'm Ordienko, a second grader living in La Pampa, Argentina.

Ordienko recently got into trouble when he was asked to submit a video of a workout or singing at home.

Ordienco's house was not able to do homework because the Wi-Fi was not available.
After seeing his troubled son, Ordienko's parents went out and looked for Wi-Fi, and noticed that the signal was barely caught 30km away from home.

From this day, Ordienko is sending video homework by running 30km on horseback all day long.

If you ride 30km on horseback, even adults will be annoyed, but the young Ordienko always looks bright in the video.

The teacher, Sonia, said, "I even admire the disciples who are doing things that are not easy for adults."

The netizens said, "You can be so special! "What is WiFi... ㅠㅠ Thank you to Korea." It showed back reaction.

(Source: Facebook Diario Textual)