In addition to undergoing prosecution investigations related to the activities of the Jeongui Memory Regiment (Jeuiui Yeon), Democratic Party member Yoon Mi-hyang, the first member of the National Assembly, went to the National Assembly for the first time on the day.

Congressman Yoon went to office 530, his office, at 9:00 am that day.

On the left side of Senator Men's navy blue jacket, the backpack had a butterfly-shaped badge symbolizing the comforting grandmother worn at the press conference on the 29th of last month and a camellia badge, which means the Jeju 4/3 incident.

Reporters flocked, but he did not respond.

In the Democratic Party, there is still a strong stance of U.S. Senator Yoon.

Congressman Park Beom-gye appeared on a radio program and said, "At least, what seemed to be explained before becoming a member of the parliament seemed to be quite courageous, and as a Democratic party, it was a great deal of pressure."

He added, "Depending on the prosecution's investigation, we can discuss whether we are responsible or not. It is not a situation in which we can talk about Katabuta."

Rep. Song Yeong-gil linked to the rescue video of a Japanese comfort women victim on Facebook and said, "Reflecting on the interest and affection of the usual comfort women issues of conservative media rushing to deny all activities over 30 years of justice, news video "I feel anger about the Japanese imperialism."
On the other hand, critics say that the resolution of suspicion is insufficient because Senator Yoon did not disclose specific data such as personal account expenditures.

The top committee member Kim Hae-young said, "Even if there was a difficulty in disclosing the evidence at the press conference because the prosecution investigation began, it would be the responsibility of the person who wants to hold a job by at least transparently disclosing the details of the donation expenditure received in the personal account. I think. "

Assemblyman Shin Hyun-young said in a radio program, "I think there are still a lot of questions left by the people." Since he said he was responsible for the problem, he was asked whether a prosecution investigation could be done quickly to cover up and resolve the dispute. I need to watch it once. ”

(Photo = Yonhap News)