U.S. black man death protest demonstration Expands nationwide Warning for curfew Night June 1 12:28


In the United States, protest demonstrations of the death of a black man who was squeezed by a white police officer have spread and become serious throughout the United States. In Washington, the capital city, many people protest around the White House and in the city even at night, and authorities have issued a curfew and continued to be vigilant.

In the U.S., a protest demonstration of the deaths of a black man who was squeezed by a white police officer last month in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the Midwest last month was reported to have spread to at least 75 cities by 31 days. I will.

In some cases, radical residents who took part in demonstrations set fires and looted goods by hitting shops, and about 1,700 people were detained in the United States.

In Washington, the capital, even at night, many people protested around the White House and in the city, and authorities mobilized the National Guard and issued a curfew and continued to be vigilant.

National soldiers have been mobilized in more than 10 states, and curfew have been issued in 25 cities including Los Angeles and Chicago.

In response, President Trump said that the groups would "designate terrorist groups" on Twitter, saying that the left and anarchists were demonstrating, and "the media are inciting hatred." And cites the media and the opposition / Democratic party, and insists that it is a political move.

However, there is expected to be a backlash against these claims, and there is concern that the situation will worsen.

President Trump "Radical radicalization of extreme left and anarchists"

President Trump posted on Twitter yesterday that he would "designate these groups as terrorist groups," saying the far-left and anarchists were radicalizing demonstrations.

President Trump has always called the demonstrators "bad guys" and said, "If you start looting, you'll start shooting." Includes content that you praise. "

In response to President Trump's stance, Attorney General Barr said on Tuesday that anti-fascist people called "Antifa" were involved in the riot, "to incite and implement violence is domestic terrorism. And will be punished accordingly. "

President Trump is also accusing the opposition and Democratic governors of each state, the mayor, and the media over the protests, which may make the protest a political move and avoid criticism.

In response, former Democratic vice president Vice President Biden posted a photo of his visit to a local protest in Delaware on the 31st, demonstrating his stance toward the demonstrators and saying, "I am suffering from America now. We must not allow the country to be destroyed by the pain that it is causing, "he calls for a calm response and strengthens criticism of President Trump.