Russian health officials have officially approved Avifavir, a corona19 treatment developed based on the Japanese influenza treatment drug Abigan.

According to Interfax Communications, the Russian Ministry of Health has recently posted this on its website for the registration of medicines.

AVIFAVIR was developed by a joint venture between the Russian sovereign wealth fund RDIF and the medical investment and research and development firm Himlar Group, the first Russian corona19 treatment, Interfax said.

According to the results of the first phase (10 days) of the clinical study, the safety of Avivavir has been proven and the effectiveness is high, the Ministry of Health said.

This medicine was developed on the basis of Favipiravir.

Fabiviravir, also known as Abigan, was developed by Toyama Chemical, a subsidiary of Fujifilm, and has been used to treat serious influenza in Japan since 2014.

Fabiviravir, which has the effect of limiting the replication ability of RNA viruses, has expired last year, allowing other companies to develop new drugs based on it.

RDIF said that Abifabir's delivery will begin on the 11th of next month.