Reverse! Freud's independent autopsy report released: died of suffocation

  [ Overseas website compiled report on June 2 ] According to ABC News, on June 1, local time, the independent autopsy report of the African-American man George Floyd who was killed by police violent law enforcement was released. The autopsy report stated that Freud died of "asphyxiation caused by insufficient blood supply to the brain due to compression of the neck and back".

  However, previous autopsy reports released by the police stated that Freud died of "heart disease and potential poisons in the body" rather than suffocation by police strangulation . The police's control of him was only an incentive, which exacerbated his illness.

  In this regard, Freud's family insisted that they did not believe the autopsy report, and they hired the famous forensic pathologist Michael Baden to perform the autopsy again.

  According to an overseas report earlier, on May 25, Freud encountered violent law enforcement and was killed after being kneeled down by the police for seven or eight minutes. He begged "I can't breathe" before he was ignored. After the incident, hundreds of local people took to the streets to demand "justice" for the deceased, but they were suppressed by the police using tear gas, detonation bombs and rubber bullets. This action made the people even more irritated, and the riots continued to escalate and have spread throughout the United States to this day. . (Overseas Net Liu Qiang)