The square in front of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France, which was closed in a fire accident last year, announced a surprise reopening on the 31st (local time).

AFP News reported that the high iron barrier surrounding the square disappeared that day, and visitors could see the cathedral again in a short distance after a year.

Without wearing a mask, the mayor of Paris visited the site with the cathedral's predecessor, Patrick Chavez, and celebrated the opening of the cathedral, as if it were 'resurrected' today.

Then he introduced, "Notre Dame is the soul of Paris, and it does not fail to impress you."

When news of the reopening arrived, crowds began to gather in the square, AFP News said.

"I'd love to see how it changed," said Stephanie Cadillan, who visited Notre Dame Cathedral Square and said, "Notre Dame has a more symbolic meaning (to the French) than the Eiffel Tower."

However, the walls surrounding the cathedral and the arched entrance remain.

This is because the preparations for the recovery work, which had been suspended, have been resumed since the blockade due to the recent corona 19 was lifted.

Earlier, the square was closed shortly after the fire on Notre Dame Cathedral on April 15 last year.

At that time, 300 tons of lead used for the roof and frame of the cathedral melted into the air, and high concentrations of lead were detected in nearby plazas and streets, raising concerns about lead poisoning among citizens.

Meanwhile, President Emmanuel Macron repeatedly emphasized the goal of bringing back the glory of Notre Dame Cathedral by 2024 by reducing the deadline last month.

AFP reported that the actual restoration work is expected to begin only next year after the work of removing the entangled metal scaffold and installing the temporary roof is over.