China News Service, June 1st, according to Reuters, a passenger plane of Pakistan International Airlines crashed in Karachi, the capital of the country's Sind province, killing 97 people. On June 1, local time, the black box of the wrecked passenger plane was sent to France for data analysis.

On May 22, local time, Karachi, Pakistan, the scene near the plane crash was messy.

  The report said that the passenger plane carrying the black box is expected to arrive in Bourges near Paris, France, on the afternoon of June 1, local time. The French Air Accident Investigation Bureau will analyze the black box data.

  According to previous reports, the aircraft engine had scratched the runway when the pilot first tried to land. The technician will analyze the cockpit data to understand whether the damage to the engine caused by the aircraft's first attempt to land is the cause of subsequent accidents.

  On May 22 local time, a passenger aircraft of Pakistan International Airlines crashed in a residential area near Karachi Airport, killing 97 people and surviving 2 people on board. According to reports, the wrecked passenger plane was originally planned to land at Karachi Jinna International Airport that afternoon, but the passenger plane eventually lost contact with the tower after several failed landing attempts.

  Pakistan International Airlines CEO El Shad Malik once said that the captain sent a distress signal before the crash, saying that the passenger plane had a mechanical failure. Eventually, the passenger plane crashed into a residential area near the airport, causing 6 houses to be damaged and 17 people injured.