This summer we are traveling home. There is plenty to see in Finland, although Korona can still limit its opening hours in many places.

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Ilta-Sanomat listed the finest museum sites in Finland.

1. Serlachius Museums, Mänttä-Vilppula

In 2014, a major museum of contemporary art was completed next to the Museum of the History of the Paper Industry.

Serlachius Museums in Mänttä-Vilppula.

Photo: Kalle Parkkinen

The paper industry's own art collections are also impressive. Opens 1.6.

Serlachius Museums in Mänttä-Vilppula.

Photo: Kalle Parkkinen

2. Museum of Mechanical Music, Varkaus

The Museum of Mechanical Music is a special gem where street positives and automatic pianos play. Diving into a different kind of music history. Parrot Iivo also lives in the museum.

3. Verla Factory Museum, Kouvola

The old cardboard factory and wood grinding environment is an architecturally impressive entity and also on the UNESCO list. In addition to the factory buildings, the workers' and cartridge's apartments are worth a visit. Opens 2.6.

Verla wood grinder and cardboard factory.

Photo: Markku Niskanen / HS

4. Pomerania, Mariehamn

On the 100-year-old museum cargo ship, you can jump into 1930s sailor life and, for example, patch sails, take part in line baptism and dance freely with the crew at a party when an Australian ship is anchored in a port in London. Opens 1.6.

Museum ship Pomerania in Åland.

Photo: Seppo Kärki

5. Finnish Railway Museum, Hyvinkää

A museum presenting the history of railways in Finland can easily get excited. There are many wagons and locomotives on display from the 19th century to the present. The pearl of the collection is the train used by the Russian emperor in Finland, which includes the emperor's and emperor's carriages and the saloon carriage. Opens 1.6.

Finnish Railway Museum.

Photo: Hanna-Kaisa Hämäläinen

6. Prison Museum, Hämeenlinna

In the old brick prison you can get acquainted with the cells and the history of the prisons. The museum was renovated last year, and it was planned e.g. former fugitive. Prisoners have not lived in Finland's first cell prison for almost 30 years. Opens 1.6.

Hämeenlinna Prison Museum.

Photo: Mika Ranta

7. Hvitträsk studio home, Kirkkonummi

The studio and residential building, designed by the trio of architects Eliel Saarinen, Herman Gesellius and Armas Lindgren, is a museum and a work of art from floor to ceiling. Opens 3.6.

Eliel Saarinen's wilderness studio in Kirkkonummi.

Photo: Antti Hämäläinen

8. Turkansaari Open-Air Museum, Oulu

On the island of Oulujoki, you can get to know the past of the northern countryside and especially the tar burning, which is important for the area. On Midsummer, a tar grave is set on fire and the tar burning week begins. Free entry.

Turkansaari Open-Air Museum.

Photo: Turkansaari Open-Air Museum

9. Sámi Museum and Nature Center Siida, Inari

A visit to the Sámi Museum opens your eyes and tells about the everyday life of the Sámi before and now. The Nature Center presents the uniqueness of Upper Lapland. Opens 1.6.

Siida's exhibition space.

Photo: Christian Westerback

10. Viking Center, Rosala

An entire Viking village with ships, catapults and chapels has been built on the island. The exhibitions provide access to archaeological finds and Viking customs. The island can be reached by free car ferry from Kasnäs.

11. Vapriikki Museum Center, Tampere

11 exhibitions in the museum center can be spent all day exploring e.g. a major exhibition on ancient Rome and an excellent permanent exhibition on the Civil War in Tampere. Opens 2.6.

The jerseys of Finnish NHL players at the opening of the renewed Finnish Hockey Museum in Vapriikki in Tampere in October 2017.

Photo: Irene Stachon

12. Arctic Museum Nanoq, Jakobstad

The Arctic Museum, founded by a Greenlandic visitor out of love for the species, showcases Arctic life and expeditions from the sky. Nanoq means polar bear in Greenlandic. Opens 1.6.

13. Art Bank, Pargas

The special gallery features an extensive collection of works by the surrealist Salvador Dalí, everything from furniture to paintings. Cast the watches and melt the kisses!

14. Turku Castle, Turku

Renaissance halls impress both children and adults, and medieval history evokes imagination, not to mention Jaakko Ilka's dungeon. Opens 1.6.

Turku's castle.

Photo: Tatu Lertola

15. Olavinlinna, Savonlinna

Olavinlinna rises from the rocky island with its magnificent towers. Its armory is full of medieval swords, spears and cannonballs, and in the changing exhibition you can explore the different stages of the castle.


Photo: Kimmo Taskinen / HS

There will be no Opera Festival this summer. Guided tours daily every hour. Opens 1.6.