• Córdoba.Joaquín from Belgium apologizes after admitting that he did not keep the quarantine due to coronavirus during his trip to Spain
  • Quarantine Investigate the party with 27 guests after a nephew of the King of Belgium tested positive

Eleven of the 26 people who had contact with Prince Joaquin of Belgium at the party held in Cordoba last week have tested negative for PCR. This was confirmed this morning by the Health delegate of the Andalusian Government in Córdoba, María Jesús Botella, during a press conference on the occasion of the presentation of Donor Week at the Reina Sofía Hospital.

These 11 people have been the only ones who have yet experienced symptoms compatible with the coronavirus after the Belgian prince learned on May 28 that he had been infected with the virus. Since the remaining 15 people who attended this party have not presented symptoms of the disease, they have not been prescribed PCR tests.

It should be remembered that the aristocrat, son of Princess Astrid and Prince Lorenz of Belgium, participated on May 27 in a party in the area of ​​El Brillante in Córdoba, which was attended by thirty people from high society in Cordoba and Seville . After the positive of Joaquín from Belgium, the Córdoba Health District contacted all the people who attended this meeting to demand a 14-day quarantine .

In his speech, Bottle has appealed to "the responsibility" of the whole society so that coronavirus outbreaks do not occur. "We are playing a lot, in health and progress. We are going to be responsible and we are going to do it well," he concluded.

Meanwhile, the Subdelegation of the Government in Córdoba is waiting for the preliminary report of the National Police, which investigates the facts, given that several measures of confinement, such as the excess of participants or the impossibility of traveling between provinces , would have been breached at this party . It must be remembered that five people came from Seville and the prince himself did it from Belgium, although Belgian media pointed out at the time that he had traveled to Córdoba for professional reasons. The scandal has been huge and has led Joaquín from Belgium to admit that he did not respect the security measures during his trip to Spain, while apologizing.

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