From June 15th, tourists from Germany can return to the Czech Republic. That was decided by the Czech cabinet, as Health Minister Adam Vojtech announced. The Czech Republic had imposed a large-scale ban on entry in the middle of March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A new traffic light model divides the countries into different risk groups. All neighboring countries of the Czech Republic - including Germany - as well as Switzerland and Croatia are given the green light. Entrants from countries marked in green are allowed to enter without restrictions. With the introduction of the regulation, the previous restrictions for cross-border commuters are no longer applicable. Entrants from countries marked in red and orange must submit a negative laboratory test for the corona virus when entering the Czech Republic. These include Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain and Sweden.

Most tourists come to the Czech Republic from Germany. Last year, more than two million overnight guests from the Federal Republic were counted. Prague is particularly popular with its historical sights such as the Charles Bridge. In order to boost tourism again, the city of Prague has now decided on a voucher model: Those who stay in a hotel for at least two nights receive points that can be redeemed in the city's museums, zoological and botanical gardens, among other places.