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It is time for the news critic Ko Hyun-Jun's news bulletin to pick out the topic's news. What is your first order on Monday?

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happened in Minnesota, USA. After an unarmed black man dies of overpowering a white police, protests are taking place across the United States against black discrimination, and the song of a 12-year-old boy dedicated to the dead man is making a big noise in Americans.

A black boy sings a song wearing a t-shirt protesting black discrimination. Kidron Bryant, a 12-year-old boy living in Jacksonville, Florida.
On his 27th local time, he showed his own song on his SNS with the words "I sang the story in my heart as a song. I hope to be a comfort to someone."

The lyrics of the song contain the mourning of a black man who died and the affection of living as a black man in America. The boy's song caught the attention of the American black community.

NBA star LeBron James and legendary pop singer Janet Jackson shared support for the boy's song, and former President Obama also said on Twitter that Kidron Bryant, a 12-year-old boy, expressed his despair with a powerful song. Even though they are different, their anguish is the same, and they are sad. I hope to find and listen to the song


once, and hope that this will disappear from racism in American society or around the world. Please tell me the next news.

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will deliver the next news. The so-called old Harrah's 20th Congressional treatment, which prevents parents who neglect their parenting obligations from inheriting the property of their deceased child, has collapsed.

Meanwhile, a divorced parent quarreled over the wages of a surviving firefighter's daughter.

A, who worked at a fire station in the metropolitan area in January last year, made extreme choices after suffering severe trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder.

In November last year, the Human Resources Innovation Office held a public worker's disaster compensation deliberation committee and decided to pay the survivors' wages claimed by Mr. A's father.
At the same time, the Government Employees Pension Service announced this decision to Mr. A's biological mother, who reportedly received 80 million won in total, including survivors' salary and retirement benefits.

A monthly survivor's pension plan of 910,000 won is expected to be received, and A's father, who learned this, said that it is unfair for his biological mother to receive money after having divorced in 1988 for 32 years without ever seeing his family and attending her daughter's funeral. 1 Filed a lawsuit to file a child support claim worth 190 million won.

The father's lawyer said the current law had a limit to quarreling with the right to inheritance, so he decided to charge the equivalent child support.

The birth mother argues that no children were left behind and that her ex-husband blocked contact and could not meet his daughters.


These people seem to have no choice but to solve them legally. Let's see if the old Hara law is dealt with during the 21st National Assembly. What's next?

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This is the next news. It is said that the number of voice phishing crimes, which have been increasing day by day, has been greatly reduced due to the influence of Corona 19
According to the Financial Services Commission and the Financial Supervisory Service, the amount of damage to voice phishing, which surged each year, was 99.6 billion won in the first quarter of this year, a 37% drop from the 1517 billion won in the first quarter of last year.

Even in April and May, the amount of damage was reduced by 30% compared to the same period last year, and it is expected to continue to decrease in the second quarter. It is analyzed that voice phishing organizations have suffered unexpected damage to Corona 19.

Voice phishing organizations have largely established large-scale call centers in China and are used as bases. Corona19 not only shut down several gathering facilities such as call centers, but also banned movement in China and entry into Korea.

It has become difficult for guns and money transfer books to travel to and from Korea for crime.

In addition, analysis of the fact that the Korean government saw an increase in voice phishing using disaster funding fraud and confirmer information due to the corona 19 incident and raised warnings by people continuously alerting them to voice phishing using corona 19 is one of the causes. is.