On average, the municipal employees in Blekinge earn a little less than SEK 31,400 a month as the national average salary.

This shows Statistics Sweden's figures for municipal employees' average salary in the country last year. The statistics show that the differences in the average monthly salary in Sweden are thousands of kronor if you compare the lowest and highest salaries.

The figures also show that Olofström has the lowest average salary among Blekinge's municipalities, with a few hundredth difference in the month up to Karlshamn, which has the highest average salary for municipal employees in the county. None of Blekinge's municipalities are included in the national section.

Looks problem

But the unions Kommunal does not see the differences in average wages between municipalities as the big problem. Without the union's members having lower wages than other municipal employees.

- The members of the Municipal are in the low-paid occupations that are in the areas of welfare. On the one hand, they have low wages and many work part-time, says Malhlin Bergman, who is chairman of Municipal Southeast.

Mahlin Bergman is chairman of Municipal Southeast. Photo: Municipal

Requires bets

The union now requires investments in its professional groups.

"In the situation we are in the country right now, it is the welfare resources of the welfare state that are booming and it is the members of the Municipal that are at the front line all the time," says Mahlin Bergman.