George Floyd, an African American, who was killed during his arrest by white police officer Derek Chauvin is described as a "cute giant".

French LCI website says Maarif Floyd, 46, who died of suffocation under the knee of the police officer screaming to let him breathe, describes him as an accomplished athlete in his youth, and they say that he is the father of two children and was looking for a new life, but he was killed He directed him to the ground during his detention in Minneapolis, before his killer was arrested and charged with manslaughter, and he was dismissed as four police officers.

The website said that the death of George Floyd has since caused a sensation throughout the United States, with demonstrations condemning police mistakes committed against a racist background in many cities, especially New York, Washington and Auckland.

Promising athlete
Before being tragically killed during this arrest in Minneapolis, South Carolina-born George Floyd lived a large part of his life in Houston, Texas, where he excelled in American football and basketball he played with his old friend, and NBA star Stephen Jackson.

"We were called twins," Jackson said in an emotional recording on Instagram, adding, "He was trying to change his life," and he moved to Minnesota to work to support his children, before adding: "My friend was doing everything right and killed him."

Floyd was - according to American media - the father of two children, and their mother Roxy Washington described him as a loyal father and explained that "whoever sees him thinks he is violent because he was very long, but he was a loved person."

In addition to his sporting talents, Floyd was a face in Houston's music business, part of a set of city rap raps in the 1990s.

The victim and his killer are colleagues and
in Minneapolis, where he settled in 2018, the "giant" who was two meters long initially worked as a truck driver and then a security guard in a restaurant, before the quarantine assigned him his job.

The newspaper said Floyd also worked as a security guard in Alnebu Rodeo in downtown Minneapolis with his alleged assassin Chauvin who was also a security guard at the facility. "They were both security guards in this restaurant. So officer Chauvin knew George. They had been colleagues for a long time," Andrea Jenkins, Minneapolis city council vice president told CNN.

"I remember he was saying that he wanted to influence the world," said Jonathan Phil, Floyd's childhood friend. As for his brother, Felonese Floyd, he commented on my brother's death, saying: "Everyone loves my brother. He is a nice giant, and it does not harm anyone."

In turn, his sister Bridget Floyd said bitterly: "This is exactly what they did. They killed my brother. He was crying for help," while one of his friends described him as "only an angel, we have mutilated and killed him," as she put it.