People have been able to turn many different ideas into billions of dollars in business, but in some areas it is easier than others. Learn about the areas that have made the wealth of the world's richest people.

In a report published by the American Business Insider website, author Taylor Nicole Roger said, "As part of the ten-year wealth monitoring report issued in 2020, research company WealthX has analyzed its database of thousands of people around the world whose net worth exceeds Five million dollars to learn how to earn their money. "

Here are some of the areas that have contributed to making the wealth of the world's rich

10. Food and beverage industry

According to WealthX, only 3.8% of the wealthy have made their fortunes in the food industry. The most prominent example is Daniel Lopetzky, who created his business after trying a snack bar of whole fruits and nuts during a business trip in Australia, and since then has made a fortune of $ 1.2 billion to sell other snacks.

9. Construction and Engineering

The author pointed out that James Dyson is one of the wealthy who achieved their fortunes in construction and industry, who account for 3.9% of the total wealthy. Despite lacking an engineer degree, Dyson invented the first bagless vacuum cleaner in 1986, which made his fortune valued at $ 6.1 billion, according to American Forbes.

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the most wealthy people who accumulated wealth from the technology sector (Getty Images).

8. Hospitality and entertainment

According to WealthX reports, 4.1% of people with immense wealth became wealthy after their hospitality and leisure business, and the most prominent example is Jay Laliberty.

7. Industry

The author pointed out that Diane Hendricks is considered one of the wealthy who achieved their fortunes in the field of manufacturing, who represent 4.1%. According to the American magazine Forbes, she is a producer and one of the founders of ABC Supply for roofs and windows, whose wealth is estimated at $ 8.9 billion.

6. Technology

The writer pointed out that 4.7% of people whose wealth exceeded five million dollars achieved their wealth thanks to the field of technology. Perhaps the most prominent example of this is Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

5. Health care

According to WealthX, 4.9% of the wealthy whose wealth exceeds $ 5 million raised their money from the health care sector. The net worth of Ernesto Bertarelli - the wealthiest person in Switzerland - is due to his stake in the drug company Serono, according to the American magazine Forbes.

4. The real estate sector

The writer said that 5.4% of the wealthy earned their money thanks to real estate, including Stephen Ross, who is considered the richest real estate developer in America with a net worth estimated at 7.6 billion dollars.

Jimmy Damon made his fortune in banking and finance (Reuters)

3. Non-profit and social organizations

More than 7% of the wealthy work in full-time nonprofits. However, many of them initially amassed their fortunes from another sector, such as Bill and Melinda Gates.

2. Business and consumer services

The writer stated that more than 16% of the wealthy made their fortunes in the field of business and consumer services, such as David Steward, who is the founder of "Ward Wide Technology", an information technology services company that achieved sales exceeding $ 11 billion, which made his fortune estimated at 3.5 billion Dollars.

  • Banking and financial business
  • The writer mentioned that this field has the largest number of rich people, including Jimmy Damon who is the CEO of "JP Morgan Chase". He is also among the 22.6% wealthy, whose wealth is estimated at more than five million dollars, and who have earned their money thanks to this field.