Use AI to analyze the effectiveness of new corona infection prevention measures 5:36 on June 1, Government


In order to achieve both prevention of new coronavirus infection and resumption of economic activities, the government will see how effective it is to reduce the infection risk by changing the behavior of people and arranging indoor equipment. We are going to use intelligence to start analysis.

Regarding the new coronavirus, the government is aiming to establish a "new lifestyle" in order to prevent the spread of infection and to resume economic activities in stages.

To this end, the government will collect a huge amount of data related to the spread of this infection and start analysis using AI to investigate the effectiveness of various infection control measures.

Specifically, in addition to reducing the chances of contact between people, changing lifestyles such as washing hands and wearing masks, and arranging seats and air-conditioning equipment at restaurants and nursing facilities, how much infection risk We will simulate whether there is an effect of lowering the value and announce the result.

The government budgeted more than 1.4 billion yen for R & D expenses in the second supplementary budget for this fiscal year, and after hearing from AI experts and medical personnel, after the summer We will proceed with the analysis.