The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources confirmed that electronic training on preventive measures and passing the evaluation attached to it is a prerequisite for allowing government agency employees to enter work sites, pointing to the implementation of virtual workshops and training lectures for employees, throughout the current week, on the gradual return to the workplace.

The first day of the gradual return of employees to their regular office hours witnessed a state of extreme happiness among the employees, as they celebrated the gathering that they missed due to their work remotely, amid strict precautionary measures inside all institutions, while a number of employees suggested activating flexible working hours and applying the system of rotation between each of them Some.

In detail, the ministries, federal authorities and institutions have resumed work from the offices gradually, yesterday, at 30% of the total staff, after a period of interruption that lasted for more than three months, during which the employees practiced their “remote” job duties, in line with the precautionary measures taken by the state To counter the outbreak of the new Corona pandemic (Covid-19).

With the beginning of the return to office hours, the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources began yesterday, carrying out a series of virtual training workshops and lectures for ministries and government agencies employees, on the gradual return of workplaces and government work organization mechanisms, including an explanation of the guide I recently issued on office work environment and work from headquarters Working under emergency conditions.

The Authority devoted four lectures to the visual communication feature throughout the current week, as the first weeks for the gradual return of the employees ’time from their workplaces, where the first lecture was held yesterday, while the second will be held today, with the third to be tomorrow, and the last after tomorrow.

The authority stressed that e-training on preventive measures and passing the evaluation attached to it, is a prerequisite for allowing employees to enter work sites, where electronic training and smart applications are used to meet training needs, including those available in many e-learning sources.

In a recent guide issued on the office work environment and working from workplaces in emergency situations, the authority directed the need to adhere to training employees in safety practices on the move, by urging them to wear masks in public places, avoid going out during rush hours, and providing them with sterile materials for use in Public transportation. She also stressed the importance of complying with the instructions issued by the building departments regarding the use of parking lots, based on the number of employees present in the building.

The guide called for paying attention to organizing the process of entering the workplace after fulfilling the criteria and requirements required to prevent crowding, maintaining social divergence, and not using the fingerprint device to install attendance and leave until further notice, while providing separate entry and exit points to reduce communication between employees, stressing the need to measure the temperature of employees And dealers before entering the employer.

With regard to conducting deep cleaning operations inside buildings and facilities, the guide called for updating the list of deep cleaning according to the appointments, taking into account the presentation of the list in clear locations, provided that it doubles the number of times cleaning the more crowded sites, common surfaces and hallways, staff rest, toilets, and elevators , Ladders, and fixing surfaces most exposed to use and touch.

The guide stressed the importance of increasing the number of sterilization times for the common areas to become every two hours instead of every six hours, with the use of UV-sterilized sterilization methods to clean the happiness centers for the customers, and facilities related to information technology, in addition to sterilizing the goods and parcels transported between the facilities in the sending and receiving destinations.

The authority called on the employers and employees to assume social responsibility and confirm the role of each individual in preserving the health of the entire community, and to advise colleagues on safe practices and awareness of the consequences of non-compliance with preventive measures.

Under the theme “The Return of the Employees,” employees of governmental and private agencies expressed their great happiness that they were returning to work permanently from the offices, considering this step as a sign of good and optimism that the employers will return to their full potential.

The owner of one of the accounts on «Twitter» said: «Back to the offices full of vigor, vigor and doing business, I feel happier, positive and stronger motivation to exercise my job duties.

Another said: "I feel very happy because of our return to work in offices and to meet brothers and sisters again with the application of precautionary measures."

An accountant stated that the decision to gradually return to office hours "is an indication of the complete happiness of the return of dear colleagues soon, God willing," and another considered that the return of employees to their work, a move hopeful that the next most beautiful.

An account holder confirmed that the return of the employees to their offices on the first day took place smoothly, where everyone committed to wearing masks, and the working environment witnessed great enthusiasm and optimism, while the owner of the account suggested activating the flexible working hours system, with a commitment to apply the system of rotation between the employees of each other, with the aim of ensuring less A number of them are in the offices, in exchange for ensuring business continuity without stopping, which was supported by a large number of followers.

Staff received their first day of office hours with comments expressing their happiness, most notably: “Although we were working remotely, but by returning to offices we had a feeling that we were working for the first time, especially since we forgot how to communicate with the system, internal phone numbers, and the location of the printer.”

18 precautions to ensure a safe working environment

1- Encouraging flexible work options.

2- Comprehensive sterilization and deep cleaning operations.

3- Intensifying awareness campaigns.

4 - Use of electronic guide boards.

5 - The completion, follow-up and documentation of operations and procedures.

6 - Monitoring health variables for employees periodically.

7 - Reducing overcrowding on desktops.

8 - Maintaining the social separation between employees.

9 - Use of protective barriers.

10 - Activate the hotline team.

11 - Completing financial transactions electronically.

12 - Prompt reporting when injuries are suspected.

13 - Take into account the capacity of offices and facilities.

14 - Legalizing entry for visitors and suppliers.

15 - Follow up on the application of the precautionary guidelines.

16 - Maintaining social spacing and reducing direct contact.

17 - Distribution of business ranges.

18 - Take on social responsibility.

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