The Holy Prophet’s Mosque opened the doors of its courtyard at dawn today to receive worshipers in order to perform the dawn rituals for the first time in two months, as part of the policy adopted to tackle the Corona virus.

And the official account of the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques released several photos while opening the doors of the Prophet’s Mosque, commenting on it by writing: “After kind approval ... the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs Agency begins to open the doors of the grounds of the Prophet’s Mosque in preparation for reception of worshipers for Fajr prayer.”

The opening of the Prophet's Mosque was limited to expansions and arenas only, without the old Haram, while entry to the honorable kindergarten was still suspended.

According to the electronic newspaper previously, the promotion of worshipers entering the Prophet’s Mosque does not exceed 40% of the capacity, confirming that the carpets of the expansions and squares are completely raised, and the prayer is on marble.

This step by the General Presidency of the Prophet’s Mosque Affairs comes within the precautionary measures and preventive measures taken by the Kingdom to confront the Corona pandemic, and within the plan of the Prophet’s Mosque Agency in the gradual opening of the Prophet’s Mosque in light of the precautionary measures.

The Prophet’s mosque’s reception of worshipers came after the Kingdom’s decision to reopen more than 90,000 mosques and mosques in various regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in implementation of an order to open all mosques today, Sunday, except in the city of Makkah Al-Mukarramah.

The Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Advocacy, and Guidance issued a statement yesterday, in which it stated that the maintenance, operation and sterilization teams of the various mosques and mosques of the Kingdom's regions completed all preparations for opening mosques after their sterilization, cleanliness, maintenance, and setting educational boards to take precautionary measures that match the decisions issued by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

The Ministry has also prepared an awareness-raising media plan that will continue to be implemented in cooperation with channels, radio and newspaper and electronic newspapers and through its digital platforms and electronic portal and with the participation of scholars, preachers and imams of mosques and mosques in the regions of the Kingdom to publish instructions and precautionary measures in international languages ​​to urge imams and muezzins of mosques and worshipers to abide by them for their safety.

Among the procedures are ablution at home, washing hands well and using sterilizers before and after attending the mosque, and urging the elderly and chronic disease owners to have their links in the home, reading from the electronic Qur’an by mobile or bringing the private Qur’an.

And also bring the special carpet and not leave it after prayer, and keep a distance of no less than two meters between each worshiper and the other, and not to accompany children under 15 years, wearing a cloth muzzle, and avoid shaking hands, and not crowding when entering or exiting mosques.

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