"The drug will not go on sale in pharmacies and can only be used in hospitals under the supervision of a doctor ... The drug is strictly prohibited for use by pregnant women and during family planning," the Interfax press service quotes.

According to the study, the use of the drug during pregnancy can cause pathologies in the child.

Earlier, the Russian Ministry of Health approved the drug against the coronavirus Avifavir.

The register of medicines specifies that the trade name of the drug is Avifavir, and the international non-proprietary, or grouping, or chemical name is Favipiravir.

On May 13, the RDIF and the KhimRar group of companies announced the first interim positive results of the Favipiravir clinical trial in patients hospitalized with coronavirus.

Virologist Honored Scientist of Russia Anatoly Altstein in an interview with URA.RU commented on the situation with the study of COVID-19.