Police received a report of a violent crime shortly before eight o'clock in the evening. According to the report, the crime would have taken place in the Kaukovainio district.

A police patrol who went to the scene found a dead person on a light traffic lane.

There were signs of violence in the deceased. The Oulu police say they have carried out a search in the vicinity of the scene and arrested one person. The arrested person is suspected of murder. The case is referred to the Violent Crime Unit.

Police isolated the apartment building area near the playground behind the Kaukovainio shopping center during the site investigation.

According to Ville Honkonen, an IS photographer present, the police patrolled the entire district and also guarded the entrance routes.

- Police patrols cross the area and there are also police drones in the air, Honkonen says at about nine o'clock.

Honkonen, the body lay for a long time in the country at the edge of the road bike, even though the body of the car had been there for more than half an hour. A police technical investigation arrived at the scene after nine on Sunday night.

Police dismantled the isolation and left the scene shortly before ten o'clock.