The Ethiopian Ministry of Foreign Affairs expressed regret over the incident of the Ethiopian militia incursion into Sudanese territory, and called for avoiding any additional tension and jointly investigating the incident, while Khartoum summoned the Chargé d'Affaires of Ethiopia and informed him of protesting the incident.

The ministry stressed - in a statement - that the border incident with Sudan does not reflect the nature of strong relations between the two countries, stressing the need for continued close cooperation to ensure peace and security in the border region, and expressing its deep sympathy and condolences to the families of the victims.

In its statement, the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry urged Sudan to work together through the existing military mechanisms to address the circumstances surrounding the accident and investigate it jointly, to contain the situation on the ground.

In turn, the Sudanese Foreign Ministry summoned the Ethiopian Chargé d'Affaires in Khartoum, Moyken Qusai, and informed him of the Sudanese protest against this incident, which resulted in the death and injury of Sudanese soldiers and civilians, including children.

For his part, the Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that a cautious calm lingers on the Sudanese-Ethiopian border, after the events that took place in the Barka Noreen area, located inside the Sudan border, on Thursday.

The reporter said that the Sudanese army continues to spread and prepare along the border, while the governor of the border state of Gedaref said that conditions in this area are open to all possibilities.

The Sudanese-Ethiopian border is witnessing a state of preparedness from the Sudanese army forces, following the events that occurred in the Barka Noreen area, which is inside the Sudanese borders, on Thursday.

The Sudanese army had pledged to resolve what it described as "the Asphalting on the border with Ethiopia", against the backdrop of the killing of an officer and the wounding of 7 soldiers, as a result of attacks by an Ethiopian militia.

Periods of preparation for the agricultural season and harvest in Sudan in the border areas with Ethiopia usually witness breaches and attacks by armed gangs outside the control of the Addis Ababa authorities, with the aim of seizing resources.