[Explanation] The 15th Anniversary of the Implementation of the Anti-Secession Law has attracted attention from all walks of life across the Taiwan Straits. Many Taiwan compatriots living and doing business in Xiamen said that the Anti-Secession Law reflects the wishes of all Chinese children. Work together to promote peaceful reunification.

  [Commentary] Wu Jiaying, president of the Xiamen Taiwan Business Association, immediately paid attention to the news of the symposium. He also specially invited many Taiwan compatriots to share and communicate with the Xiamen Taiwan Association Pavilion. Wu Jiaying said that the "Anti-Secession Law" is conducive to curbing "Taiwan independence" forces, stabilizing the situation across the Taiwan Strait, and strengthening cross-strait economic and trade relations in the future.

  [Same period] Wu Jiaying, President of Xiamen Taiwan Business Association

  The "Anti-Secession Law" has played a good guiding role in the peaceful exchanges and exchanges between the two sides of the strait since its implementation 15 years ago, and laid the foundation for the peaceful development of the two sides. It has strengthened the confidence of Taiwan businessmen in the peaceful development of cross-strait relations. The Anti-Secession Law.

  [Commentary] The "Five Encouragements and Promotions" in the "Anti-Secession Law" covers cross-strait cultural, technological and sports exchanges. Taiwan compatriots working in related associations such as the Xiamen Youth Innovation Base and Sports Culture believe that promoting Cross-strait exchanges must be based on peaceful development in order to have more development opportunities.

  [Same period] Tai Qing Liao Yansheng

  I think the development opportunities of the mainland are very great. I hope to introduce more talented athletes and coaches from Taiwan to our mainland (development).

  [Same period] He Huijing, Assistant Director of the Youth Innovation Base of Xiamen North Station

  The hope is that what we mentioned is that the two sides of the strait can be in a state of peace and mutual trust, and then continue to allow us to promote the study and cultural tourism of the two sides of the strait more smoothly.

  [Explanation] From 31 to 26, and 11 Taiwanese enterprises, the mainland has always cared about the interests and well-being of Taiwan compatriots. Wu Jiaying, who has lived in Xiamen for many years, believes that these Taiwan-friendly policies are concrete and can create conditions for cross-strait exchange and cooperation. In a complex situation, compatriots on both sides of the strait should move forward together.

  [Same period] Wu Jiaying, President of Xiamen Taiwan Business Association

  Opposing splittism is the common responsibility of the people on both sides of the strait, and the pursuit of peaceful reunification is the common aspiration of the people on both sides of the strait. It is established in the form of law and is rock-solid and unshakable.

  Li Siyuan Cai Yuting reports from Xiamen, Fujian

Editor in charge: [Song Fangcan]