Due to a corona infection in the sports hall in which the election results are processed, election activities have been suspended for the time being, the Surinamese Ministry of Interior announced on Sunday via a video message on Facebook.

In the National Indoor Stadium (NIS) members of the Independent Electoral Office (OKB) were already banned earlier on Sunday, but it was still unclear why. OKB members would gather to count the last votes for the official results of this week's elections.

"The president of the main polling station Paramaribo hereby informs you that the principal polling station is discontinuing election work for security reasons due to the COVID situation in the NIS," said a spokesman for the Ministry of the Interior. "Furthermore, you can be informed that additional COVID-19 measures will have to be taken in the NIS, because a COVID-infected person was present in the NIS for several days."

In Suriname, code red was announced on Sunday due to three new corona infections. Schools that would open on Monday remain closed and domestic air traffic has been shut down.

Election results still not officially established

The elections in Suriname were held last Monday, but the results have not yet been officially determined. To date, 99.5 percent of the votes have been counted.

According to an informal election result, opposition party VHP with 20 seats is the big winner of the elections. VHP signed a proclamation for cooperation on Saturday with the parties ABOP, NPS and PL.

In this way, the parties can form a coalition government without the party NDP of current president Desi Bouterse. Bouterse demanded a recount of the elections earlier this week.

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