• Phase 2: controversy over reopening, several Regions against the go-ahead


May 31, 2020 "Things are going well so I hope that this evening of this anomalous bridge on June 2 continues. If everything continues like this, I will retrace my steps and also allow the removal of alcoholic beverages" . The mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, said it in the usual video on his social pages where he traced a balance of the evenings in this bridge on June 2 in the light of the ordinance that prohibits takeaway alcohol after 7pm. "The weekend is proceeding well, with a lot of order and I thank all those who are interpreting this need for prudence in our ways again, "he concluded.

Orange waistcoat demonstration, there will be protests, common sense must be maintained 
In the coming weeks and months "it is plausible that we will have to face a series of legitimate, illegitimate protests and we will all have the strength and patience to listen to everyone. Of course, maintaining common sense at this stage would not be wrong". So the mayor of Milan, Giuseppe Sala, spoke about the orange vest event that took place yesterday in Piazza Duomo, where the security measures for the containment of Covid were not respected, in the video on its social pages. "Yesterday's demonstration of the so-called orange vests aroused many understandable protests and controversies - he added -. As for the quality of the event, what do you want me to tell you, read a bit the ideas of these gentlemen in the square. The idea strong seems to be that of the return to the lira, we should ask them if at this point Italy should immediately give up European funds ". The mayor then replied to the citizens who blamed the city for what happened in the square. "Those who authorize" are "prefecture and police headquarters" and "if they need it, they ask for the support of the local police. From what the prefect told me yesterday, the demonstrators pledged to maintain distances and safety rules - he concluded -. If you want to attribute responsibility to the Municipality, that's fine, there is no problem, however, it is also important that you know how certain systems work ".