The Israeli police have arrested this evening, the mayor of Jerusalem, Adnan Ghaith, and other activists, as they prevented a pause in front of the "Orient House" headquarters in the city to commemorate the nineteenth anniversary of the departure of the Palestinian leader, Faisal Husseini.

The occupation authorities justified its decision that the event was organized with funding from the Palestinian National Authority and that the participants did not obtain the necessary permits.

The occupation forces also arrested the director of the Palestinian Prisoner Club in Jerusalem, Nasser Qaws, a member of the Jerusalem region, Awad al-Salaymeh, the president of the Silwan Club, Marwan al-Ghoul, Ishaq al-Qawasmi, and the deputy secretary of the Palestinian National Liberation Movement (Fatah) in the city, Adel Abu Azneed.

The rest of the participants in the event were told that the occupation intelligence should be reviewed for investigation.

Since his appointment as Jerusalem's governor in 2018, Israel has arrested Ghaith at least 18 times, and also prevents him from entering the West Bank on the pretext of communicating with the Palestinian leadership.

Suppressing a demonstration

On the other hand, the Israeli police suppressed a demonstration organized by Palestinians in central Jerusalem today, condemning the killing of a Palestinian with special needs yesterday, Saturday.

Witnesses reported that dozens of Palestinian youths tried to organize the demonstration near Bab Al-Amoud, one of the gates of the old town, in protest against the death of 32-year-old Iyad Al-Hallaq, by the Israeli occupation police.

Witnesses stated that the police forces assaulted the participants with beatings, and forced them to evacuate the area by force.

Participants in the demonstration, before dispersing, demanded the release of Al-Hallaq's body, which is still being held by the occupation authorities.

On Saturday morning, Israeli media sources said that members of the border police of the Israeli police shot the barber after he tried to escape from them near the door of the tribes, claiming that he was carrying a pistol. After the young man was killed, it became clear to the police that he had special needs and that he was not armed.