Globally more than 6.1 million infected with 370,000 dead New Coronavirus June 1 5:17

According to a summary at 3 o'clock Japan time at Johns Hopkins University in the United States, the number of people confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus was 6,108,525 worldwide, and the number of people who died was 37,416. I am.

Countries with high numbers of infections

Among them, the highest number of infected people was in the
United States: 1,778,515,
followed by
Brazil: 489,440,
Russia: 40,5843,
United Kingdom: 276,156,
Spain: 239,479, and
Italy. The number is 233,019.

A country with many deaths

On the other hand, the largest number of people died:
▽ 104,051 in the United States,
followed by
▽ 38,571 in England
33,415 in Italy ▽ 28,834 in
28,774 in France
▽ Spain has 27,127.