The unknown electronic hacking group Anonymous, widely known for carrying out cyberattacks against several government agencies and institutions, released a video clip on Saturday night pledging to bring justice to George Floyd after his death at the hands of Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin.

In the video, one of the pirates from the group accuses Chauvin of causing the death of citizen George Floyd, and vows to expose police corruption throughout the country.

YouTube keeps deleting this video. They're censoring nothing but facts

- MARIO // JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD (@HennyOnMyLips) May 30, 2020

The anonymous pirate said in a video: "The officers who kill people and commit other crimes must be held accountable like all of us. Otherwise, they will think they have a license to do whatever they want."

"The authorities will claim that this is the behavior of a class of a few policemen, but what about the officers who stand by them and do nothing while committing these crimes? And what about the officers who refuse to try these criminals?"

And the pirate talks about how people feel about police corruption. He says: "People are tired of this corruption and rampant violence in an institution that is supposed to have pledged to protect their lives, but after the events of the past few years, many people began to learn that they are not here to save us but are here to suppress us and implement a will The criminal ruling class. You are here to maintain order for the controlling people, not to provide safety for the people under control. In fact, you are the mechanism the elites use to continue the system of global repression. "

The group concluded its statement by saying: "People started waking up and became angry every time they saw the blood spilling unnecessarily and without accountability. These officers must face criminal charges, and the officer must face special chauvinism of murder charges. Unfortunately, we do not trust your corrupt organization. To do justice, so we will reveal your many crimes to the world. We are coming. So expect us. ”

After this statement, the Minneapolis Police website was removed from the Internet before returning again, and YouTube deleted the video from its platform after its extensive circulation, but users on Twitter republished it where many users saw and shared it, with information confirming that the Minneapolis Police website was hacked.

Anonymus Group says it is an international movement of Internet users, working to defend freedoms and attacking the special interests of companies, such as Sony, Amazon and Visa, as well as countries' information systems.

anonymous are not playing around, they already hacked minneapolis police department website .. they're moving fast ..

- jelz ⁷ (@cchimbap) May 31, 2020

The Minneapolis PD website has been taken offline by Anonymous & they're threatening to take down any government website for any organization attacking protestors

- William LeGate (@williamlegate) May 31, 2020

Anonymous has been back for like 3 hours and already disabled the Minneapolis PD website

- heidi (@idiotgremlin) May 31, 2020