Tero Kurenmaa, Director General of the Police Department of the Ministry of the Interior, tells IS that the Central Criminal Police will, if necessary, conduct a preliminary investigation of Finns returning from the Al-Hol camp. The three families who left the camp returned to Finland on Sunday afternoon via Turkey.

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According to Kurenmaa, a study has not yet been launched, but one is likely to be conducted. The purpose is to find out whether the people who returned from the camp have been involved in the crimes, either as perpetrators, victims or witnesses.

- I can't say about the schedule of the preliminary study, you have to ask KRP. Certainly it will be done at some point. Initially, there were already plans to make a preliminary investigation of the returnees as to whether there was a need to initiate a preliminary investigation. Whether someone is a suspect, a witness or, in the case of minor children, even a victim, Kurenmaa says.

It is not known to Kurenmaa that any of the returnees are still suspected of the crime at this stage. According to him, the threat assessment previously prepared by the Security Police is still correct and no changes have been made to it.

The head of the Security Police, Antti Pelttari, said last December that women returning from the Al-Hol camp would be a greater threat in Finland than at the camp.

- When they return to Finland, they could become Isis' fixed point here. They could inspire and radicalize others, Pelttari said at the time.

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According to Kurenmaa, returnees are the responsibility of social and health authorities as long as they are not suspected of having committed a crime.

- After all, no one can be caught if there is no direct criminal suspicion, Kurenmaa says.