In Lapland, heat readings are rushed in places on Sunday. Thus, the maximum heat can be up to 25.1 degrees.

There is still snow in the country in part of Lapland up to almost half a meter. It makes the conditions of skiers and other outdoor enthusiasts special in Lapland.

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Landscapes of Pallastunturi in the middle of Sunday's strong heat wave.

Photo: Janne Kanerva

The duo rises on the slopes of Pallaskero

Janne Kanerva, a 41-year-old boarder from Tampere who is crawling on the slopes near the Pallas Ski Center, tells how everything feels in the special ski heat of Lapland.

- Actually, the air here is too hot for downhill skiing. There should be a t-shirt on.

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Together with Toni Uimonen, 45, he ascends the slope of Pallaskero. The duo arrived by car on Saturday from Tampere and now their intention is to finally get to try a free landing.

- Winter is remarkable in many respects. First, due to the corona spring, two planned ski trips were canceled. Getting here was therefore a wonderful thing, he says.

How does a remarkable heat wave affect downhill skiing?

- It's really warm here. The cottage meter showed readings of +18, but I have not yet checked what the temperature is right now. I myself wear a really thin shirt and a technical t-shirt on it. To grab a snowboard on your back, a t-shirt alone would probably have been enough when we sweat as we get up. Thin pants made of waterproof Gore-Tex fabric are sufficient in this weather. Snowshoes are needed to get up, Kanerva says.

- Elevators do not transport us up and therefore the descents and ascents must be carefully planned.

Toni Uimonen enjoys traditional downhill skiing, which means he comes downhill on skis.

- This is probably the most unusual ski day, that I have experienced, Kanerva.

Statistics support the exceptionality of the day

The statistics confirm his reflection, as in Lapland it is rarely felt that there is half a meter of snow in the country and at the same time there is a rush of heat readings.

The warm air from northern Sweden is coming to Lapland. The heat and a thick layer of snow can be a difficult combination, which Lapland has experienced as a hard rise in water in Rovaniemi, for example.

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An original experience

- Let's see how it feels when we come down. Viima enters both bodies. With fluid balance, you have to be careful between ups and downs, he ponders.

Janne, who started serious snowboarding last year, reflects on the rarity of the day.

- The rise can be painful in the heat. Putting on a shirt while wet again is unique in the winter. Downhill skiing becomes almost an original experience, he estimates.

The duo’s goal is to count in the ski heat for a few days and the return to the home communities will begin on Wednesday.