Donald Trump postpones G7 summit until autumn - page 1

US President Donald Trump now plans to organize the G7 summit in Washington in September instead of June. He also wanted to expand the meeting to include other countries. He did not have the feeling that the group of the seven large industrialized countries correctly depicted what was happening in the world, Trump told reporters on the return flight from Cape Canaveral to Washington in the evening.

Earlier, US President Donald Trump had spoken to his French colleague Emmanuel Macron on the phone about the summit. Trump had announced the meeting with the heads of state and government of the large industrialized countries after some back and forth last in Washington in late June.

Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) had canceled her participation because of the corona crisis. Government spokesman Steffen Seibert had announced that Merkel would not travel to Washington at the end of June. The Chancellor was the first of the G7 leaders to give Trump a basket.

Macron wished "everyone was present"

French President Emmanuel Macron reacted cautiously yesterday after the Chancellor canceled. Macron is ready for personal participation in the next G7 summit, but would like "the presence of everyone," said the Elysée Palace in the evening in Paris. For a G7 summit the heads of state and government are "the presence of the chancellor and the unity of the Europeans are important", it said from the Elysée palace. What is needed is "a moment of cohesion and action at an internationally critical time". France is therefore waiting for "the US G7 presidency to clarify its intentions."

In March, the White House had said that because of the corona pandemic, the G7 summit planned for June could not be held in Trump's Camp David estate, but would have to be replaced by a video conference by the heads of state and government of the seven industrialized countries. However, a week ago Trump surprisingly announced that since his country is already recovering from the pandemic, the meeting could take place. First he suggested Camp David as the summit, then he said the meeting should be "primarily" at the White House in Washington. A summit with the personal participation of the leaders would be "a great sign of normalization," said Trump.

The United States is the most severely affected by the corona pandemic worldwide. More than 1.7 million infections were detected there, and more than 102,000 infected died. According to the latest data, the US capital and its surroundings are particularly affected by corona infections. Trump is accused of underestimating the new corona virus and reacting inadequately.

In addition to the USA and Germany, the G7 also includes France, Italy, Great Britain, Canada and Japan. The annual summits alternately host the member countries.