France: Pierre Moscovici to be appointed President of the Court of Auditors on Wednesday

Pierre Moscovici, in Strasbourg, October 23, 2018. REUTERS / Vincent Kessler

Text by: Julien Chavanne

Former European Commissioner Pierre Moscovici will be appointed President of the Court of Auditors by Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday May 3 in the Council of Ministers. He thus succeeds the socialist Didier Migaud, who left 6 months ago.


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Pierre Moscovici will be appointed Wednesday by the President of the Republic as the new President of the Court of Auditors . However, the former European Commissioner for Economic Affairs has not always been kind to the French president. Emmanuel Macron is an "  extremely special personality  " surrounded by "  extremely mediocre  " staff, he said. And when he mentioned the macronist, he spoke of "  mainstream populist  ". These comments, published in the newspaper Le Monde last summer, did not please the Élysée.

Since the beginning of the quinquennium, Pierre Moscovici has spared Emmanuel Macron. In Brussels, he regularly criticized the government for its public deficits. But for the past few months, having returned to Paris, Pierre Moscovici has changed his tone. In February, he praised the "  political talent  " of Emmanuel Macron and compared him to François Mitterrand.

Control government spending

Disciple of Dominique Strauss-Khan, positioned to the right of the Socialist Party, the former Minister of the Economy of François Hollande aged 62 returns to the Court of Auditors by the front door, where he had started his career ago 36 years.

At the head of the institution, Pierre Moscovici will be responsible for controlling state spending in a very specific context . Struck by the coronavirus and the consequences of confinement, France is facing the economic crisis and Emmanuel Macron had to open the floodgates to avoid bankruptcies and layoffs.

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