Dubai Health Authority has started implementing a new business plan, which provides for a gradual expansion in receiving patients with its hospitals and health centers, from patients and auditors to its external clinics and various specialized medical departments, in parallel with its efforts to control «Covid-19», and provide integrated health care for people living with HIV .

The Executive Director of the Dubai Health Care Corporation at the authority, Dr. Yunus Kazim, stressed that the cases of people living with HIV are varied, and that a low rate does not exceed 0.6% may need intensive care, but most of the injuries are minor and do not require staying in hospitals, and all they need is health isolation in The buildings and facilities designated for that, which are managed under the direct supervision of the authority, and in cooperation with the private health sector.

Kazem said: “In light of the current developments and reassuring indicators of recovery rates, the authority prepared a plan to re-employ its capabilities, capabilities and medical facilities, and then gradually expand to receive more auditors and patients in its specialized medical departments, and open the door for appointments to outpatient clinics, while continuing to provide medical services The smart, while the efforts of the authority and its specialized medical cadres, integrate with the efforts of the relevant authorities in Dubai to control (Covid-19), and provide integrated care for the injured, and enhance ways to prevent disease, all in parallel with providing its services to patients in various medical specialties, and with the same interest ».

He added that the authority reduced the number of unnecessary medical reviews of its hospitals during the past period, in the context of implementing an integrated plan to ensure the application of the highest standards of preventive measures and precautionary measures to reduce the transmission of Corona infection, but at the same time it developed services and expanded in smart medical services, including: medication Telemedicine, home medical services, delivery of medicines to patients ’homes, and other quality services that focus on chronic disease owners, especially the elderly and those with determination.

Appointments opened for outpatient clinics, while continuing to provide smart medical services.

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