Demonstrations spread across 33 cities across the United States and imposed curfews!

  Over the past few days, demonstrations triggered by the violent law enforcement of the United States police resulting in the death of African-American men have continued to escalate and spread to many places in the United States. According to US media statistics, demonstrations have erupted in more than 30 cities in more than 20 states.

Demonstrations spread to the nation's 33 city of New York there are demonstrators were arrested again

  On the 30th local time, the demonstrations in New York City entered the third day. On the same day, demonstrations broke out in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and Queens, New York, and demanded the conviction of the white policeman who abused George Freud.

  According to New York police, as of 18:00 that day, the New York Police Department arrested a total of about 36 people. On the same day, the New York City Police Department adjusted its strategy and deployed a large number of police forces to prevent chaos.

  In Houston, protesters shouted slogans from the city center on the 29th local time and traveled all the way to the city hall, demanding "end police brutality." According to the statistics of CNN, only in the evening from the 29th to the 30th local time, demonstrations broke out in 33 cities in the United States, involving 22 states and Washington, DC.

Demonstrators clashed with police near the White House

  On the 30th local time, people in Washington continued to hold demonstrations to protest the violent law enforcement incident by the Minneapolis police. On the afternoon of the same day, some demonstrators came to the White House shouting slogans and clashing with police and secret agents. The reporter saw at the scene that a large area outside the North Gate of the White House was once closed.

  The US Secret Service issued a statement saying that on the 29th and 30th, six people had been arrested during the protests near the White House. Demonstrators repeatedly tried to knock down the safety fence, but no one crossed the White House fence. Fireworks, etc. attacked Secret Service agents, resulting in injuries to multiple Secret Service personnel.

Trump praised special work

  Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif said on social media on the 30th that "some people do not take the lives of African descent", the international community should have declared war on such racial discrimination-it is time to launch anti-racial discrimination globally The war is over. The Iranian Foreign Ministry also issued a statement urging the US government to "immediately stop the repression of the suffering American people."

  Reporter 丨 Yin Yue Xu Dezhi Wang Fengzhi Wang Shuguang