The number of corona19 confirmed patients in the world has exceeded 6 million.

According to the World Statistical Site World Omometer, as of today (31st), the total number of corona19 cumulative confirmed cases was 611,682, and the cumulative deaths were 369,000392.

The cumulative number of confirmed cases exceeds 6 million, only 152 days after China reported on December 31 of last year that the World Health Organization (WHO) had an unidentified pneumonia.

The number of confirmed people in the world increased by 1 million every 12 days after surpassing 1 million on the 3rd of last month.

Since reaching 5 million on the 21st, it has surpassed 6 million in 10 days.

The largest number of corona19 cumulative diagnoses in the United States is 181,426, with 46,510 in Brazil, 39,575 in Russia, 28,308 in Spain, and 27,826 in the United Kingdom. .

According to the AFP, self-aggregation reports that about two-thirds of the world's leading confirmers come from Europe and the United States.