• Two-seater plane crashes in the Tiber in Rome: the instructor, a missing person, is rescued


May 26, 2020 The recovery of the two-seater that sunk in the Tiber yesterday afternoon after taking off from the Urbe airport is underway. The aircraft was spotted at a depth of about 10 meters. 

To make everything more difficult, the poor underwater visibility and the presence of slime and waste on the bottom of the river. 

On board the plane crashed yesterday was the instructor, who was rescued, and the 22-year-old pupil who was initially reported missing.  

At the end of an intense research activity by the specialist team of firefighters divers with the support of the ground crews, it was identified inside the cabin of the two-seater that crashed yesterday in the Tiber at via Vitorchiano, in the area Due Ponti, the lifeless body of the second passenger. This is Daniele Papa, from Cerveteri. The safety measures for the passenger compartment for the recovery of the person and subsequently of the aircraft itself proceed with the utmost caution.