Abu Dhabi Police reported that radar devices and smart systems on the roads depict the movement of all vehicles during the period of national sterilization, including vehicles who have permits to spend the necessary work, noting that it allows this category to file a grievance request within 15 days of receiving a notice of violation, attached with a photo From the movement permit issued to them, and any purchase invoices or supporting documents justifying their exit to the road during the sterilization period, on the website of the Federal Public Prosecution, so that they can remove them.

This came in response to inquiries received from readers of «Emirates Today», regarding radar taking pictures of their vehicles, despite obtaining movement permits, and whether they can complain of violations, or whether they will be automatically canceled based on the movement's permit issued to them.

The Ministries of Health and Community Protection and the Ministry of Interior and the National Authority for Emergency and Crisis and Disaster Management amended the national sterilization program to become from 10 pm to 6 am the following day, instead of eight in the evening until six in the morning, starting from last Saturday, and excluding camel racing tracks, to be From 10 pm to five in the morning the next day.

Abu Dhabi Police warned that the violation of the exit and movement in the announced sterilization times amounted to 3000 dirhams, based on the list of violations, fines and administrative sanctions previously announced, issued by a decision of the Cabinet, indicating that there are four exceptions to exit during the sterilization period, namely: Purchase of food needs Necessary, purchasing necessary medicinal needs, health emergencies, working in one of the vital sectors.

She called for adherence to the specified time period for the permit granted in cases of necessity, in order to avoid exposure to the violation. In the event of an exit without a permit for the necessities of necessity, such as visiting a hospital or pharmacy or purchasing basic needs, the reason for the emergency exit must be proven, noting that it is necessary to apply for a movement permit during sterilization hours, not before that.

She stressed that radars and smart systems record violations on all vehicles without exception, and do not distinguish between the vehicle that has a permit and the vehicle that violated the exit procedures without necessity, calling on those who obtain a transport permit to keep the papers that prove their going to the hospital, pharmacy, supermarket or associations, and keep Bills of payment and purchase, as evidence and evidence, to be presented when objecting to the violations.

She explained that the person has the right to complain of the violation through the website or smart application of the Public Prosecution www.pp.gov.ae, within 15 days from the date of notification.

6 violations for non-complying with the procedures of «Corona»

The updated list of the list of violations, fines and administrative penalties stipulated the application of six violations to drivers and passengers in violation of the precautionary measures against the Corona virus, namely:

Violation of the maximum number of passengers per vehicle (3 persons) with a fine of 3000 dirhams. Family members, or relatives up to the second degree, are excluded.

Violation of not wearing medical or cotton masks, or veils, in public transport or in private transport, if two or more people are traveling in them, with a fine of 3000 dirhams.

Violation of anyone who exits or moves during the prohibited times announced by the competent authorities, unless the exit is to purchase the necessary or medicinal needs, with a fine of 3000 dirhams.

Violation of the prohibition of transferring workers groups between the emirates of the state, in the amount of 10,000 dirhams.

Violation of the capacity, which is estimated at half the number of seats, when using the means of transportation, with a fine of 5000 dirhams for the company official.

- Violation of not leaving the safety distance prescribed by two meters when getting on or off the vehicle at a value of 5000 dirhams, for the company official, and 500 dirhams for the violating worker.

Abu Dhabi Police called for compliance with the length of the permit to avoid exposure to a violation.


AED value of the financial fine for violating the decision to restrict movement during sterilization.

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