while at the same time, Trump President balpyol China would leave you made a Hong Kong securities laws start the process depriving've got a special treat in Hong Kong. There is no specific word to say when to do it, so it is difficult to interpret whether it will be true or not.

This is Correspondent Correspondent Kim Yun-soo of Washington.


President Trump emphasized that China broke the promise.

He broke the promise of 'one-country system' to guarantee Hong Kong autonomy and turned to 'one-country system'.

So he said there would be no special treatment anymore.

[President Trump / US: Instructed the administration to begin the process of removing various exemptions that treat Hong Kong separately.]

Chinese graduate students suspected of participating in government activities and sanctions against Chinese authorities involved in Hong Kong autonomy It also presented measures to ban entry into Korea.

However, no specific timetable was provided.

There was no mention of the first stage trade agreement with China in January.

He said he would stop supporting the World Health Organization, which he accused of being biased toward China, as expected.

[Trump /美President: We are starting today to sever relations with the World Health Organization (WHO), will support the Fund was supporting the WHO in a separate urgent international public health needs]

Evaluation of unprecedented action in the American press and There was a mixed opinion that there would be no immediate impact, so the impact would not be great.

Financial markets such as the US stock market did not respond.

President Trump's immediate dismissal of special status seems to mean that he will take some time to adjust the sanctions level, taking into account the side effects of the US economy and the November presidential election.

(Video coverage: Park Eun-ha, Video editing: Jeon Min-kyu)  

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