First Observation | Xi Jinping's "2020 Two Sessions" Unusual

  Unusual background, unusual two sessions, what is unusual about General Secretary Xi Jinping's "two sessions"? "First Observation" sorts out for you.

Unusual opening method

  The two National Conferences, which were delayed for more than two months due to the fight against the epidemic, have also adjusted the duration and arrangements of the meetings according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control.

  The duration of the meeting is 8 days, which is 5 days shorter than last year. The central leading comrades have reduced the number of delegations.

  Since 2013, for two consecutive seven years, the general secretary has attended six groups to participate in the deliberations and discussions every year. This year, the general secretary went to the group 4 times in 8 days.

  On the 22nd, the People's Congress of Inner Mongolia delegation; on the 23rd, the CPPCC Economic Committee Joint Group; on the 24th, the People's Congress Hubei delegation; on the 26th, the People's Congress delegation of the PLA and the Armed Police Force.

  In addition to their own delegation and the delegation of the People's Liberation Army must go every year, it is also necessary to visit the members of the CPPCC. Visiting members of the CPPCC economic circles this year, the general secretary highlighted the efforts to educate new opportunities in the crisis and start new situations during the change.

  The delegation of Hubei to participate in the review was specially proposed by the general secretary. "You are representatives of more than 60 million people in Hubei, and I want to visit everyone."

  With this arrangement, it can be seen that General Secretary Xi Jinping has always been concerned about Hubei, which has the heaviest epidemic, and is full of his urgent hope for Hubei to gradually "restore vitality".

  What is the current situation? How to set development goals? How to do the next stage of work? Whatever the people are eagerly concerned about and what China urgently needs to solve now is the theme of General Secretary Xi Jinping discussing the country with representatives.

  The two sessions are an observation window. Against the background of the epidemic situation, the unusual two sessions and the unusual opening of the law have demonstrated the vitality and superiority of China's democratic political system.

Unusual communication

  The interaction and exchange between General Secretary Xi Jinping and the deputies and committee members were warm and far-reaching.

  In the Inner Mongolia delegation and the Hubei delegation, the general secretary mentioned a representative-Luo Jie, secretary of the party committee and dean of the Taihe Hospital in Shiyan City, Hubei Province.

  Roger told the representative channel that "10 people set up a special medical team and successfully treated an 87-year-old man ..." The general secretary was impressed. When the Hubei delegation and Roger face-to-face exchanged, the general secretary recognized Out of him.

  The cordial interaction between the General Secretary and the representative of the National People's Congress Roger embodies the profound meaning of the people in the people's palace.

  Hearing representative Huo Zhaoliang talking about the disorderly digging in the grasslands, General Secretary Xi Jinping interjected and asked, "How many open-pit coal mines?"

  Hearing that Liu Yonghao said in his speech that this year New Hope Group will add 20,000 people for employment. The general secretary interjected and asked, "What are the employment directions for 20,000 people?"

  When several delegates spoke, Xi Jinping repeatedly asked this question, "Is the cause of this year's epidemic severely affected by the economy?"

  Interrupting and interrogating from time to time is the relationship between Xi Jin's love and his heart; he does not avoid problems, he sticks to the crux, and the words and sentences all express concern, responsibility and responsibility.

  In the tight "down group" time, Xi Jinping will focus on a subject every time he arrives at a group.

  Mentioned “people” 28 times in the Inner Mongolia delegation; concerned about economy and people ’s livelihood at the CPPCC Committee of Economic Circles; talked about public health at the Hubei delegation; solidified under the premise that the PLA and the Armed Police Force delegation emphasized normalized epidemic prevention Advance the work of the army.

  A sentence of powerful words, guiding instructions time and time again, anchoring the current difficulties and pain points, and guiding the focus of work in the next period.

Unusual discourse

  The sudden emergence of the new crown epidemic is at a critical moment when a decisive victory over a comprehensive well-off and a decisive battle against poverty. Difficulties may be unprecedented, but promises are never returned.

  Under a special background, General Secretary Xi Jinping devised a strategy and a pragmatic strategy for economic and social development.

  -A dialectic for China's economic crisis.

  He emphasized that major plans, major reforms, and major policies that have traction for high-quality development and high-efficiency governance should be deployed in a targeted manner to master the work initiative and fight the development initiative in response to the crisis. Among them, the term "high-efficiency governance" is refreshing.

  ——Specify the direction for the construction of China's public health system.

  With regard to how to "weave a dense and dense public health protection network", we put forward the reform directions of "integrated planning, system remodeling and comprehensive improvement" and "innovative medical and defense coordination mechanism" and other eight "mechanisms" to protect the health of the people.

  -Directly at the core of army building and reform.

  Xi Jinping emphasized that it is necessary to adhere to the same direction, unbiased roads, and undiminished efforts, to reverse the key points of policy and system reform, coordinate all reforms, and complete the scheduled reform tasks as scheduled.

  —— Systematize "People First".

  From the people's supremacy to relying on the people, the general secretary's systematic elaboration of the concept of "people first" is a manifesto of "not losing the people."

  A series of important expositions are "systematic rather than scattered" thinking, and flexible decision-making wisdom to grasp the current situation and adapt to changes.

  Withstanding the extraordinary test, the whole country will move forward without fear of wind and rain.

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