The Pentecost weekend begins under a big blue and sunny sky. In Marseille, while the deconfinement continues, the Phocaeans decide to take off towards the Frioul Islands, before the arrival of tourists.


Usually taken by tourists, the Frioul islands remain the landmark of Phocaeans for a few more days. On this Pentecost weekend, the inhabitants of the Marseille region are enjoying the good weather on this small archipelago not far from the port. Europe 1 followed them on Saturday.

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"A real little vacation: relax on the terrace overlooking the harbor!" Sporting shorts and soccer jerseys on the boarding platform, Alexandre and Jérémie, two students from Salon-de-Provence, are waiting for their boat with four big bags at their feet. "There are not many clothes inside," laughs one of them. "There is everything you need: the cooler, the crisps, the chipos."

"You have to take advantage of it before it's the rush"

While the containment measures drop a little, the wait is shorter than usual, even though the shuttle rotations are minimal. The few people on deck have an enticing program to say the least: "I love being on a towel and I bought a 4G key to use the internet a bit and watch a western if the weather gets a little bad" , launches Armand who presents himself as "Monsieur bronzette".

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The influx of tourists is not for now. "You have to take advantage of it before it's the rush," exclaims Christelle, who came to seek a little peace for two days. "We are going to swim when we arrive, in a cove far away so that there are not too many people." The Frioul Islands are most certainly experiencing their last days of calm before the tidal wave.