United States: "I just wanna live", a song about the unease of African Americans

Protesters demand justice after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on May 30, 2020. REUTERS / Eduardo Munoz

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In the margins of the protests, a voice emerged after the death of George Floyd. That of a very young boy named Keedron Bryant and the song he posted online on social networks struck a chord with the black community. Millions of anonymous or famous people like Barack Obama have gone to listen to this piece which relates the difficulty of being black in the United States.


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He is only 12 years old but he is already an accomplished gospel singer. Usually, on his Instagram page, Keedron Bryant films himself singing the praises of Jesus. But this time, it was a cry of alarm that he had on his heart.

The song written by her mother is called I just wanna live , "I just want to live". In 50 seconds, he describes his discomfort. No politics, just feelings.

I am a young black man, and I see what we are done, we are chased like animals, but we, what we want is peace, we have already suffered too much. I just want to live,  ”insists Keedron Bryant. 

Her video has already been viewed more than two million times. Revival, shared, amplified by a crowd of celebrities. Barack Obama, Janet Jackson, rapper Nas and basketball star Lebron James have already made his song a standard of the movement.

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