German Prime Minister Merkel to suspend US visit at G7 Summit New Corona May 30 19:12

Regarding the G7 Summit, which is being held in the United States in June, it was found that German Prime Minister Merkel is currently refusing to visit the United States, and it is expected that he will seek participation in the form of video conference. I will.

About the G7 Summit = Summit of Seven Major Countries President Trump of the United States has revealed that he is considering to invite the leaders of each country in June as well.

A German government spokesman told the NHK on Thursday that "Mr. Merkel is grateful to President Trump for the G7 Summit's invitation."

In addition, he said, "Given the overall infection status of the new coronavirus, Prime Minister Merkel is not available to visit the United States to attend the G7 Summit at this time." I made it clear. Prime Minister Merkel is expected to seek participation in the form of video conferences.

Prime Minister Abe is adjusting the G7 Summit to visit the site once it is decided, and British Prime Minister Johnson also said that it is important for the leaders to meet and talk directly at a telephone meeting with President Trump on the 29th. , Attention of the leaders of each country will be noted.