• USA Police accused of murdering George Floyd's murder, after another night of riots in Minneapolis
  • How Trump's executive order affects Google, Facebook and Twitter

The murder of George Floyd -black- asphyxiated on the street by police Dereck Chauvin -white- after being denounced for paying in a store with a fake $ 20 bill (18 euros) in the city of Minneapolis has caused the greatest crisis Racial in the United States since 2016. The country's main political figures have entered the debate, which has caused a wave of riots and looting in which at least one person has died , and the tension has also triggered an unexpected conflict between the president, Donald Trump, and his favorite social network, Twitter.

Although tensions between the two have been mounting since Twitter posted a warning on Monday that a Trump message on its platform contained false information , the tension exploded yesterday when the social network said a tweet by the president "violates the terms of use of Twitter about glorifying violence . " However, Twitter has decided that it is in the public interest for this tweet to remain accessible. "If the text is 'clicked', Trump's message appears, in which the president states that, " if the looting begins, they begin the shots . " Given that in the riots and looting unleashed after the Floyd murder, one person died, and that there have been groups of white men armed with semi-automatic weapons at the door of certain shops to protect them from attacks, Trump's statement could clearly interpreted as a call for violence.

The president, who is a master of political confrontation, used Twitter's accusation to accuse the company of " acting against the Republicans, the Conservatives, and the President of the United States, " and promoting "lies and propaganda placed by China and the Radical Left Democratic Party "(sic). Fox Business commentator Maria Martiromo said that Twitter " has made President Trump his target ." Several hours later, Trump clarified his comments, again on Twitter, indicating that these were not an incitement to violence, but quite the opposite: a warning that the looting that is happening in the south of Minneapolis, where the Floyd's death, cause more deaths. Finally, Trump gave the surprise in a later appearance at the White House, by not accepting questions or commenting on the situation in Minneapolis . Instead, the president limited himself to talking about China's takeover of Hong Kong and China's responsibility for the spread of the coronavirus worldwide.

The opposition, however, has been much tougher. The candidate for the White House by the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, has taken the opportunity to call for the reform of the police rules of action . But for Biden, the incidents are an electoral problem. The Democratic Party needs to mobilize the black vote and, at the same time, a part of the white electorate, and the scenes of violence, looting and fires carried out by the protesters

Paradoxically, throughout his career as a public figure , Donald Trump has made massive use of social media, and especially Twitter . The President of the United States has posted more than 17,000 messages on that social network, many of them in office. Last January 22, during the debate on impeachment in the Senate, Trump broke his own record of tweets, reached just a month earlier , and posted 161 messages on the social network . According to an analysis carried out on May 12 by The Washington Post , to write all the messages that the President of the United States has posted on that social network since he took office, it takes between 10 and 63 days to work continuously from 9 a.m. tomorrow at 5 in the afternoon . That would mean that Trump could have spent 5% of his time as head of state and government tweeting.

For two years, the president's tweets have been considered official documents , indicating that future historians will have the opportunity to examine texts in which the president calls Hillary Clinton a "bitch" , says that she is going to put in jail his political rivals, accuses television presenter Joe Scarborough of murder, dismisses journalists as "enemies of the people," insists that Barack Obama was born in Kenya, or claims that the Democratic congressman and chairman of the Judicial Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives Adam Schiff "has not yet paid the price" that awaits him for opposing him . The reason for a doctoral thesis will undoubtedly be the interpretation of the word "covfefe", which nobody knows what it means, but which Trump tweeted in 2017.

The Minneapolis crisis coincides with Trump's decision to examine the regulation of social networks , to make it easier for users to bring them to court for alleged censorship. Throughout the deputy, the largest company in the sector, Facebook, has aligned itself with Trump, in line with his policy of allowing greater freedom of expression to its users on their platforms -Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram- which includes, for For example, the dissemination of messages stating that the coronavirus is a lie, and that the pandemic is just an invention to harm Donald Trump's chances of re-election , or that vaccines cause autism, homosexuality, and atheism.

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