At half past eight on Friday night, police received a report of an ongoing assault in the courtyard of a terraced house in Perttel, which uses, among other things, a log as a percussion weapon.

It was revealed at the scene that the owner of the apartment had been beaten in the backyard of the apartment. The group of four had been spending the evening after a quarrel had arisen between the host and one male guest. According to those present, the dispute had escalated into the fact that the guest had begun beating the apartment owner by punching and beating the halo. In addition to the head area, the blows had been applied to different parts of the body.

When the police patrol arrived, the victim had been lying on the ground, but he had been conscious nonetheless. Due to his injuries, he was transported to Turku University Central Hospital for examinations.

At the preliminary interview, the person suspected of the act in question admitted that he had beaten the victim; the reason he mentioned was the threats made to him by the victim.

The apparently heavy use of alcohol in the party has presumably contributed to the development of events.