Coach Lasse Moilanen took command of a group of seven girls aged 13–17, with the goal of hosting the 2026 Winter Olympics almost six years away.

The combined national team groups were supplemented after the support decision of the Finnish Olympic Committee, and the greatest benefits of the combined were the women's combined, where the focus was already on the future.

- It should be noted that the team is really young and the age distribution is large. There is a huge potential, and that is why it is great that the group was set up. We can now proceed on the terms of this team's needs, however, to search for suitable hills and training loads, using the same tests, metrics and, among other things, skill training frameworks as the men's A national team, Moilanen explained in the press release.

The Girls 2026 project was won by Vörå IF's Alva Thors, Taivalkoski's Kuohun Annamaija Oinas, Siilinjärvi's Effort Minja Korhonen, Lahti Ski Club's Nonna Laitinen, Alahärmä Race's Hertta Luoma, Jyväskylä Ski Club's Julia Äikiä and Lahti's Hiiur

- Now we have our own plan, coach and budget with the women. We also work well in terms of information sharing with the men's national teams, but we are able to invest better in young athletes in the development stage, Moilanen Ruoti.

Combined coaching groups 2020-21:


Challenger group: Atte Kettunen Jyväskylä Ski Club, Olli Salmela Ounasvaara Ski Club, Jesse Pääkkönen Puijo Ski Club.

Coaches: Antti Kuisma and Jouni Kaitainen.

Youth national team: Otto Niittykoski Ylistaro Racing Brothers, Waltteri Karhumaa Ounasvaara Ski Club, Rasmus Ähtävä Lahti Ski Club, Timi Heiskanen Ounasvaara Ski Club, Herman Happonen Puijo Ski Club, Arsi Tietäväinen Kitee Athletes.

Coaches: Antti Kuisma and Jouni Kaitainen.


Silver Compa Group: Valtteri Holopainen Siilinjärvi Effort, Erno Tietäväinen Kitee Athletes, Eeli Keränen Jyväskylä Ski Club, Juho Ojala Siilinjärvi Effort, Jere Kukkonen Lahti Ski Club, Peter Räisänen Taivalkoski Kuohu, Eemeli Kurttila.

Coaches: Jouni Kaitainen and Antti Kuisma.


2026 Olympic project: Alva Thors Vörå If, Annamaija Oinas Taivalkoski Kuohu, Minja Korhonen Siilinjärvi Effort, Nonna Laitinen Lahti Ski Club, Hertta Luoma Alahärmä Race, Julia Äikiä Jyväskylä Ski Club, Selina Kähkönen Lahden

Coach: Lasse Moilanen.

Silver Compa group: Elli Seppänen Alahärmän Risa, Anna Kerko Helsinki Ski Jumpers, Elsa Thors Vörå If, Vuokko Hyvärinen Jyväskylä Ski Club.

Coaches: Jouni Kaitainen and Antti Kuisma.

The men's national team (Ilkka Herola, Eero Hirvonen, Wille Karhumaa, Leevi Mutru, Arttu Mäkiaho, Perttu Reponen, head coach: Petter Kukkonen) was named earlier in May.