“Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease. It affects young people on average about 22–27 years old. Less likely to be sick children aged 7-9 years. Also seldom elderly people are ill. That is, the average age is 27 years (plus or minus five years). Mostly women of normal reproductive age get sick, ”Vlasov explained.

According to him, the disease can occur amid stress and, above all, motor functions are impaired.

“The legs stop walking, the hands stop working, the violation of coordination of movements begins. Memory has nothing to do with it, the functions of motor activity are violated. Then sensitivity may be impaired, later - vision. Although there are forms when it all starts with visual impairment, ”the doctor added.

In addition, he noted that many people with this disease need psychological support.

“These people need all the support of society. Therefore, there are public organizations. When a person who is full of hope for a wonderful future is informed of such a diagnosis, then this seems like a sentence, the end of a career and life. Therefore, psychologists are very necessary, the support of public organizations is needed, ”said Vlasov.

On May 30, many countries of the world celebrate World Multiple Sclerosis Day, the purpose of which is to disseminate information about this disease and its prevention.

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