Current political micro video 丨 The deepest concern-Xi Jinping's two sessions

  On the afternoon of May 28th, with the successful closing of the third session of the 13th National People's Congress, the two sessions of the National People's Congress ended successfully this year.

  During the two sessions, General Secretary Xi Jinping "under the delegation" four times and frankly exchanged views with the deputies and committees to discuss the country.

  Among them, the concept of "people first" runs throughout.

  "Everything is for the people, everything depends on the people" "People are supreme, life is supreme" "We must help our peasants" ... These warm words and unforgettable moments at the two sessions are full of Xi Jinping's sincere feelings for the people.

  Shizheng's micro video "The Deepest Worries-Xi Jinping's Two Sessions" will relive the general secretary's feelings with you.

  Director System 丨 Yang Hua

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